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  • Boundary Staff

Spoil Ballot Pulls Ahead in Most Recent Batch of VUSAC Poll Data

Toronto, ON: A contender last year, centrist candidate Spoil Ballot seems to be the favorite for this year's VUSAC presidential elections. Garnering 20% of the popular vote in 2017, Ballot placed second. Despite conducting a relatively minimalist campaign, supporters came out in droves to support the candidate.

Katherine Callaghan, a sallow, soft-spoken fourth-year familiar with the Victoria College political process, met with The Boundary at Ned's Cafe. "He's a completely outsider candidate", Callaghan said between gigantic bites of a halal, vegan, pork breakfast sandwich. "Fuck, that was good," she went on, patting her sauce-soaked mitts on a nearby backpack. "Yeah, he'll probably win. No one else poses a threat right now."

Political theory professor Ryan Balot, first cousin of Ballot, wrote in an email to The Boundary the candidate "anglicized his name in high school and started drifting from the family around the same time."

His mysterious past and low-impact approach may be just what Victoria College needs to reinvigorate itself.

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