• Boundary Staff

In Long-Overdue Measure, UTSC Buses Outfitted with Turrets, Bullet-Proof Glass

Scarborough, ON: In a press conference Thursday, University of Toronto vice-president Bruce Kidd announced the outfitting of swivel turrets and four-inch-thick, bullet-proof glass to buses travelling to and from the University of Toronto Scarborough campus.

"[Ahlie] there's bare instability in this region. It's a precautionary measure to keep the students safe," Kidd went on to say. Some reporters at the press conference muttered about the ridiculous ideas "the silk-slippered Bay Streeters and Leaside one-percenters." have about the area, highlighting the fact that the community has a lower level of crime than the Bay St. Corridor. Kidd was steadfast in his reckoning, however, refusing to give critics an inch.

Kidd called the measure "long-overdue," and chastised past leaders for not implementing a common-sensical antidote to the occasional instability of Scarborough life. The initiative cost a reported $85 million.


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