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  • Katy Czajkowski

UTSU Resigns After Meme War Draws More Votes Than All Previous Elections Combined

On October 1st, 2018, administrators on the Facebook page “UofT memes for true blue teens” set forth a vote. They wanted to see which University of Toronto college or undergraduate faculty would prevail.

A vicious Meme War erupted, and became especially divisive after the competition pitted two rival colleges against each other: University College and Innis College.

Following the well-publicized Innis victory, the entire executive of the University of Toronto Student Union (UTSU) collectively resigned. In a sparsely-populated press conference, the executive explained that, through its cumulative 117-year history, it had not attracted the Meme War's level of engagement.

Upon submitting his resignation UTSU Vice-President of University Affairs, Dave Johnson, commented that the council is struggling to cope with the gaping holes in their resumes but "was one absence away from getting sacked, anyways."

Johnson also said the council is having trouble disposing of the thousands of unused pumpkins purchased for UTSU’s most recent event, Pumpkin Juggling.

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