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  • David Giancarlo Conforti

“Anything to Change for You?”: Brown-Food-Truck Lady Enters Provincial Politics

Citing the current tempestuous political climate as her reason for running, along with students’ decreased willingness to spend money on food due to Doug Ford’s OSAP cuts, the proprietor of the Brown Food Truck announced her ambitious run for Provincial leadership this Monday.

“Ontario has been on the wrong track for too long!” she announced to her hungry supporters outside of Sid Smith. “Before, students would order large poutines every day! Two, even! Now they’re lucky if they can cobble together enough money for a veggie dog... It’s time for change! It’s time to make this province supreme!”

“A large supreme!” shouted a supporter in solidarity. “A large supreme with fries!”

While she may seem like a fringe candidate, she has already garnered a significant following, with long-time MPs from all major parties defecting to join her cause – Hungry Canadians for Change. In every riding, politically motivated food truck owners are also joining in the fight. Only time will tell how the next election will unfold, but it would be premature to rule out a “brown wave” sweeping the province.

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