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  • Louis Butt

Student Unsure if Friend on Exchange or Just Day Drinking Alcoholic

Owen Mayer, whose friend recently departed for a semester-long exchange abroad, has started to worry about his school-mate’s overseas consumption habits. Owen’s friend Michael, who is currently studying in Barcelona, always pops up late in the morning via his Instagram or Snapchat, alcoholic beverage in hand.

“I mean, I’m glad he’s feeling more laid back than at U of T”, says Owen, “but get it together Mike, it’s 11:40 am! You don’t even like sangria!”

While the Spanish are indeed known for their more liberal drinking practices, Owen is skeptical of the level of cultural integration his friend has actually undergone. Recent photos show Michael donning the same attire he would on campus in Toronto, the expat has not gone from referring to soccer as futbol, and he still eats his meals at 6pm sharp.

“Other than his worrying amounts of drinking and this annoying lisp when he says ‘Barthelona’, Mike doesn’t seem to have changed one bit. Come to think of it, he might be just plain lonely”, states an emotionally conflicted Owen.

Michael is due to return from his adventures in May. Owen has planned to go visit his friend during the winter reading week, although he fears that, at this point, his vacation may have to become an intervention.

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