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  • Will Stoecker

Innis Friend Group Celebrates 2nd Anniversary of Considering Starting a Podcast

Few moments in a young-adult’s life are as worthy of popping champagne as this: Cinema Studies students, Ben Sulski, Doug Pond, and Jonathan Hamill, will be celebrating a big day this upcoming Friday: the Earth has circled the sun twice since they had the legendary coffee-break conversation in the Innis Cafe.

“I don’t know how to put it in words… there’s just always been this distinct chemistry between us,” said Sulski. Two years ago this Friday, the trio made the bold move of whipping out the Notes app, firing up a new page, and drafting a hefty 2 paragraphs of loosely thought-out ideas. “We wanted to stick to what we knew best, so decided to talk film, baby! The silver screen!” Hamill swooned.

A week later, Forrest send a groundbreaking text in the group chat, that would change the fabric of podcasting as we know it. The text read, “fuck idk man why don’t we just watch Friends and give commentary on it, we do that every Saturday night anyways.” From that point on, their stardom plateaued for an indefinite duration of time.

They all confessed they had no idea how to start this production. With almost no knowledge of audio equipment, website design, or sound editing, they decided to keep the revolutionary idea on the back-burner, where it is currently collecting dust. We at The Boundary congratulate the three on their successful procrastination.

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