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  • Hannah Teather

Criminology Final Has Student Rob Professor

'CRI101-H1: Intro to Crime' had been going well. The students spent the semester learning the necessary basics: interpreting crime statistics, lying under oath, picking locks, and the intricacies of international law. Now, as April rears its rainy head and finals are just around the corner, it’s time for the course to come to a close.

Instead of a traditional pen-and-paper final Professor Timothy Allen decided to go for a more hands-on assignment, one that he felt would give the students a real chance to demonstrate their knowledge. The project was simple, and they had until the 28th to complete it, allowing them ample time to plan and execute. All they had to do was rob him.

Students have offered varied reactions when interviewed by The Boundary. One, who oddly chose to remain anonymous, decided to embrace the element of surprise, pickpocketing Allen as he was explaining the assessment. Another reported that she and several other students were in the midst of organizing a simple heist, though they were having issues picking a name for themselves and synchronizing their watches.

Allen, though excited to see how his students will approach this problem, has expressed worries about the effects of the exam on his bank account.



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