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  • Madeleine Beckett

Dad Dressing Up for Easter a Little Too Into It

“I thought it was just a nice surprise for the kids at first, but when he ate Easter dinner on all fours, I realized this might be a problem,” said Marilyn North when asked about her husband Dave’s new hobby, or obsession. The moment Dave North placed one foot (or rather, paw) inside his Easter Bunny costume, he realized he might have awakened something deep inside him.

“I’ve never felt freer than when I’m overheating in a 50-pound Easter Bunny costume, and I frankly don’t understand what’s weird about that,” Dave said, recalling the numerous uncomfortable stares he received from fellow church-goers at Sunday Mass.

Mrs. North is not entirely on the same page as her husband, though:

“He’s been telling me about his ‘special basket’ all day. Like, for God’s sake, just hide the eggs and stop wagging your little tail every time you see another Easter Bunny. There’s a bunny that’s been giving him the eyes since he hid the eggs in the yard.”

While Marilyn is far from thrilled about having to call her husband “The Easter Rabbit” in bed, their five-year-old, Jake, is much more enthusiastic about the situation.

“I love daddy’s new costume! He said that next year, he’d invite all his Easter Bunny friends over for a party. I am sad though. He said it would be parents only.”

More information will be provided as this story develops. Updates will become available when, and if, Dave ever removes his costume and returns to the accounting job that he hasn’t shown up to in weeks.

Photo Credit: CBS Pittsburgh



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