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Fashion-Conscious Vic Student Thrifts Vintage Mask from Kensington

Though it’s now required to wear face coverings on campus, this provision is not stopping students like third-year Rain Hunter from expressing their unique style in a sustainable and pandemic-suitable way. 

Hunter decided to pair her pre-ripped Fjällräven Kånken Backpack and burgundy Doc Martens with some equally fashion-forward PPE: a plague doctor mask.

“When I first saw the reeking gem, I knew it had to be, like, sixty or seventy years old at least. But then I found out the mask had been worn by an overworked Genevese plague doctor in 1636, and I knew I struck gold. I’d never find anything so retro again,” said Hunter. 

“I get stares from every sad, disposable-masked loser I pass on campus. The gaudy bright blue entirely goes against the ’90s-middle-class-East Coast aesthetic I’ve been perfecting,” bragged Hunter. “I guess people can’t help but admire my authentic style.”

Hunter stumbled across the statement piece during one of her trips to Kensington Market.

“I’m pretty sure there’s still bloodletting stains on the mask,” said long-time thrift store employee Adam Chordsmith, “but it adds to the hardcore punk look. Jeans are two for $20 by the way if you want to put that in.”

Rest assured, the veteran mask will protect her from the coronavirus just as well as it protected Dr. Jean-Jacques Manget from catching the plague. Only now, she’s safe in style.

Photo Credit (Unedited): Joanna Nix



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