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  • Keah Sharma

Feminist Hero Interrupts Classmate So She Can Rest Pretty Little Voice

Do you ever try to spread joy by asking women to smile more? Do you exclusively date Asian women because you're a POC ally? Do you ever tell women how they look better without makeup because an all-natural face is just so gorgeous? If so, you just might be a feminist hero.

This week, The Boundary had the pleasure of witnessing one such champion of feminism in action during a tutorial for POL370: Gender and Political Awareness. Political science student Zach Antoff has been a keen advocate for women since the beginning of the term. “You know, these days, everyone’s after men, we have it hard,” Antoff told The Boundary. “But, I don’t let it get to me, I love these queens! At the end of the day, they really need a man’s protection out there.”

Antoff has been interrupting female-identifying students since he could string the words “not all” and “men” together. Rather than listening to women, he wants to give them a chance to rest their sweet lil’ voices so he can co-opt their ideas. Upon further questioning from The Boundary, Zach proceeded to launch into an unsolicited monologue on how “men have become a minority.”

So the next time you say “I’m a good guy, I swear, I have a sister” or “you’re not like other girls,” just remember: for real feminist heroes, actions speak louder than words–cut a bitch off instead.



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