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  • Sammy Edwards

LATEST: Chalamet Cast as ‘Young Meric’ in Upcoming Gertler Biopic

Campus has been swooning since Sunday’s announcement that green-eyed heartthrob, Timothée Chalamet, will play a young, "brooding" Meric Gertler in an upcoming biopic on the controversial university president.

The Oscar-nominated Chalamet - reportedly "hand-picked" by Gertler - will bring both his talents and his sharp-to-the-touch cheekbones to the cast of the currently untitled biographical film.

The film will detail Gertler’s journey from his undergraduate days at McMaster University, all the way to the beginning of his term as University of Toronto president in 2013.

Using the same “aging technology” as "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" but in reverse, Chalamet’s wavy locks and boyish features will slowly transform through the film into the grizzled Gertler that students know, love, and pray to today.

As a self-described “method actor,” Chalamet is prepared to go as “deep” as possible with this portrayal.

Insiders on set told The Boundary that in order to “get in the mind of Gertler,” Chalamet will not be cancelling any classes until production is wrapped; even if he needs to sleep overnight in Robarts Library.

The Boundary is told that production starts as soon as the studio can make time because they are “still adjusting to being back from winter break.”



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