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  • Daniel Golden

Maoist Student Underwhelmed by Alleged Leftist Indoctrination

Everyone has heard about the clandestine cultural revolution supposedly going on within the halls of our postsecondary institutions. Whether from an uncle at thanksgiving dinner, or a doddering columnist in the National Post, it’s scarcely news that a gang of Anarchists, Socialists, and Neo-Marxists have seized the means of education in an attempt to eradicate civil rights, stamp out democracy, and horror of horrors, end the economic and political supremacy of the bourgeoisie.

But not everyone is so sure. Joseph Guzman, a second-year Poli Sci student and self-described Marxist-Leninist-Maoist campus guerilla is underwhelmed by U of T’s alleged leftist indoctrination. “As the vanguard of Canadian universities, I really expected U of T to be engage in better agitprop” Guzman told Boundary reporters from his soapbox outside Woodsworth College. “None of my profs have called for an armed struggle against the landlords. None of them have provided lessons in waging the protracted peoples’ war. And our esteemed comrades at the Munk school have only ever spoken highly about the impact of imperialism in the third world.”

As radical as his ideas may seem, Guzman is not alone in questioning the dominance of leftists in Canadian Universities. After speaking to a posse of Stalinists spraying an “i” over the “na” of McLennan Physical Laboratories, a gaggle of Trotskyists heatedly debating the lessons of 1917, and a gathering of social democrats doing nothing at all, the feeling appears to be mutual. “Looking at rising tuition rates, vast underfunding of mental health services, the absence of student democracy, poor conditions for university workers, refusal to divest from fossil fuels, and Gertler’s hefty salary” remarks Guzman “If I didn’t know better, I’d say that this school is run in the interests of the capitalists themselves.”



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