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  • George Faseemo

Math Department Sends Second, Harsher Email: "Stop Being Ugly"

In recent weeks, leaders in U of T’s Math Department have tried to reel in the personal hygiene of their students, with a recent announcement calling for MAT137 students to “shower daily and use deodorant” gaining widespread attention across the university. Now, this initiative has been taken one step further, with the Math Department issuing a harsher follow-up that pushes for MAT137 students to “stop being ugly”.

The email went into further detail behind this plea: “Seriously, you guys have got to get it together. Maybe start with a half-decent haircut or some clothes that aren’t from the Book Store.” The follow-up was sent a week after the initial request for improved personal hygiene and the department took the opportunity to air out other grievances they've been having with MAT137 students.

“Listen, I’m not saying that you’re all unrepentantly repulsive. But, as a group you guys have a lot of work to do that a simple shower or deodorant stick won’t fix.” The personal experiences of the department also shined through in certain portions: “Do you know how depressing it is to walk into a lecture and be met with a sea of uggos? It honestly makes me and my colleagues wonder whether tenure is worth it.”

“Do whatever it takes. Hell, if you need to get plastic surgery we’ll support that 100%. What we have right now is just unacceptable.” The email ends with the announcement that all office hours will be virtual until there are “no more 3’s coming to class”.



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