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  • Daniel Golden

New College Student Thankful To Not Be at Innis

It’s that time of year again: the leaves are turning, the days are growing colder, and relatives around the dinner table are asking what you’re thankful for. For Gus O’Leary, a third-year New College student, the answer couldn’t be more clear cut.

“I’m grateful for my health” says O’Leary, clad in a bold, yellow New College shirt. “And of course it’s great to have a loving family, and access to clean drinking water, but above all else I’m just glad not to be at Innis”.

Afraid of being mistaken for one of the college’s cinephilic lumpenproles, O’Leary never leaves home without his Goliath the Gnu leg warmers. He can almost always be found slouching in Ivey, pretending to read the Window magazine and muttering “juncta juvat” under his breath. If it were up to him he wouldn’t even walk by Innis, but he’s yet to find someone who can tell him where it is.

In spite of the bountiful blessings that both nature and the college selection system have bestowed on him, O’Leary admits that things could be better. “Sure, I’d rather be in UC or Vic, but today’s about being thankful for the blessings we have. I’ll save the miracles for Christmas.”



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