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  • Natalie Cader-Beutel

Prof Ignores Email in Epic April Fools Prank

Plastic wrap on the toilet seat, butter on the doorknob, stapler in jello, faking your death. There are many classic April Fools pranks that, while pretty funny the first few times, are just so overdone.

This year, one full-time professor and part-time comedic genius has raised the bar by masterminding one of the greatest stunts this institution has ever seen. Albert Heimer, a tenured Organic Chemistry professor and natural jokester, didn’t respond to his student’s email until far beyond the 48-hour mark.

Annabelle Hart, the student prankee, is quite impressed by her professor’s antics. She was seen rolling on the floor of Robarts Commons, knees bruised from slapping, tears of joy streaming from her eyes, and her cries of laughter echoing throughout the open-concept structure.

“After the first day or so, I was worried he just didn’t care about the students’ success in the course, or didn’t know how to open his inbox,” says Hart. “But once I checked the date, I knew I’d totally been got. Game recognize game, Dr. Heimer, my propeller-hat’s off to you.”

Professor Heimer could not be reached by email to comment on his tomfoolery, but we can expect more ludicrous hijinx from the Chemistry department’s resident Bart Simpson next April when the email remains unopened.

Photo Credit: Keah Sharma


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