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  • Joseph Strauss

Public Health Ontario Warns to Steer Clear of Suspected Super-Spreader

With numbers surging around the province, the government of Ontario is doing what it can to contain the spread of COVID-19. While part of this containment effort involves fining citizens for large gatherings, some have continued to ignore the new lockdown measures.

“There is a large man at large,” said public health official Mike Jeffers. “We have yet to identify him, but if you see the man in this photograph, we urge you to steer clear.

Officials detailed that the man was traced as having illegally entered the country from the North Pole, based on hoof-prints left by his magical flying reindeer. Making a cross-continental trek, the bearded man’s activity is strictly going against strong urges from the government to abstain from visiting every single household on Earth.

“We have reason to believe that this man will be travelling house to house, spreading holiday cheer, presents, and quite possibly the novel coronavirus, everywhere he goes. He is a menace to society,” said Jeffers.

One anonymous official also expressed concern for the man––who was seen without a mask––because he “seems pretty high risk, no offence.”

Please contact The Boundary immediately if you have seen the man pictured above.

More as this story develops.

Photo Credit: Daily Mirror



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