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  • Keah Sharma

Rotman Student Connects With You on LinkedIn Mid-Sex

With the internship application cycle in full swing, many Rotman students are using good ol’ fashioned nepotism to land glamorous corporate positions. But for those Rotman kids without Senior VP uncles, the networking grind never sleeps—even while they’re sleeping with someone.

Third-year Rotman student Liam Gerwin has had a passion for networking since January 12th, 2018: the day he got LinkedIn. “I’ve met all my best friends through LinkedIn,” Liam told The Boundary. “I saw that their parents worked at Deloitte and KPMG, and I just knew they were bestie material.”

During Liam’s Tinder rendezvous with a fellow Rotman student, the networking connoisseur simply couldn’t help but hit the connect button with her mid-sex. “Usually I’d connect with someone before sex––it’s quite the aphrodisiac. Thankfully I realized I’d forgotten, and we’ve been liking each other’s multi-paragraph work ethic flex posts ever since.”

Liam’s Tinder date described the event as “off-putting and strange” but, being a Rotman student herself, understood the hustle. “I do have 500+ connections so I get the appeal––the timing was a bit weird though. At least wait until we’re cuddling, you know?”

Liam later posted about the event on LinkedIn, encouraging other budding business tycoons to seize the day. “At the end of the day, it’s about turning potentially intimate life experiences into networking opportunities.” For business-oriented folks like Liam, networking really is better than sex.

Photo Credit: Sammy Edwards



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