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  • Joseph Strauss

Score! Engineering Student Crafts Schedule with Enough Time for Quick Glass of Water

Course selection is a stressful time for many UofT students. Whether you’re scouring the barely-navigable Course Listings for something in Breadth 4, consulting impossibly contradictory reviews on Rate My Professor, or finding yourself short a prerequisite and regretting every choice you’ve ever made––it can be very stressful indeed.

But for Engineering students, who spend more time in class per week than most Boundary writers do in a year, course selection is a whole different ball game––a game which third-year student, Samir Bhullar, claims to have mastered.

“I did it, I fucking cracked it,” cries an elated, tearful Bhullar. “Last year was a mess. I had no strategy, no vision, and I paid the price.” Bhullar explains that the previous year was a nightmare for him, as he spent the entirety of his waking hours either in classes, completing assignments, or just generally being an Engineering student.

But after spending the past four months laying out meticulous plans and devising a series of complicated formulae and calculations, Bhullar finally gifted himself the very thing that has eluded Engineering students for decades: a brief window of time between classes long enough to go get a quick drink of water.

Upon hearing of Bhullar’s unprecedented accomplishment, droves of Engineering students have offered payment in hopes that he can curate similarly relaxed schedules––cementing the reputation that Engineers are more employable than the rest of us.

Photo Credit: Sami Islam



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