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  • Natalie Cader-Beutel

Stoner “Totally Psyched” About New "U.K." Strain

Second-year Music student and self-proclaimed “stoner” Zach Johnson is eager to try this new “U.K.” strain everyone has been talking about. Since he heard that the strain was potentially making its way to Canada, he’s been trying his best to get his hands on someone who has it, he says.

“I heard it’s like, way more potent than the stuff we already have here,” he smiles, “even stronger than Gorilla Glue if I had to guess. Anyway, I’m so psyched to light up a fire English J.”

According to Johnson, it was his mother who notified him about the new strain:

“My mom, of all people, actually saw it on the news or something. Apparently it made its way from England and was spotted on some guy in Colorado, no surprises there. So if it’s good for the ‘Rado brothers, then it’s gotta be killer, right man?”

Johnson tells The Boundary he wants to be one of the first to take a hit of the “UK” strain, but hasn’t yet been able to secure a plug.

“I’m just confused 'cause like, they’re saying it’s really easily transmissible, but my dispensary doesn’t even have it in yet. Government doesn’t want us to have the good stuff. I blame coronavirus for the backlog,” says Johnson. “Oh shit, what’s even happening with that these days? I really haven’t been paying attention.”

Photo Credit: Evan Wheeler


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