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  • El Chrapko

Student Can Barely Hear Subway Over Loud OISE Lecture

For years, the mere thought of a lecture in OISE has struck fear in UofT students’ hearts. That dreaded “OI” has been the bane of many students’ timetables as they are forced to suffer through unbearable noise levels in every class.

Unfortunately, this semester has been the worst yet. Troubling new reports suggest that the conditions have taken a turn for the worse, with students in POL109 no longer able to hear the subway over the non-stop noise coming from the podium.

“I can’t concentrate,” complains first year Political Science student Kat Ellis. “Last semester, I could hear the difference between line one and two. Now I can barely hear either at all.”

However, these distracting circumstances have led other students to a shocking discovery. “There’s actually someone up there speaking,” says David Perez in disbelief. “This whole time I’ve been tuning out the white noise.”

Only time will tell if UofT will step in to quiet down the overpowering disturbance, or if students condemned to OISE lectures will be forced to endure this bothersome distraction forever.



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