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  • Sammy Edwards

Student Concerned Climate Protest “A Little One-Sided”

It was a chill Friday afternoon when the sacred steps of Sidney Smith Hall became the battleground for our planet’s future. Students and community members all gathered with signs, chants, and a message that we need to put Mother Nature ahead of profits, before it’s too late. While most of the U of T population, save for some colleges, stand with our beloved Earth, one student was concerned that the climate protest wasn’t representing both sides equally.

Rotman student and part-time devil’s advocate, Mitchell Eisen, proudly stood up for his unspoken heroes: fossil fuels, profits, and a general apathetic attitude towards the environment. “It just doesn’t seem fair to me that everybody wants to save the planet. Won’t anyone think of the little guy? I’m just trying to make this discussion a little more balanced.” said Eisen, with little care for basic chant structure.

Eisen is no stranger to taking questionable stances. The Rotman student is known in his circle for regularly championing Enron, Monsanto, John Tory, landlords, and Jay Leno. “I thought maybe some Albertans or some students with a sense of sympathy for an unfair fight would join me.” However, despite his cute “I Love Big Oil” sign, Eisen could not sway any climate protestors to stand with him or the poor little RBC execs whose bonuses are at stake.



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