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  • Jonah Wineberg

Student Discovers Fourteen-Storey Library Attached to Robarts Common

As September wraps up and midterms looming ahead, students all over UofT are remembering they have some readings they need to do. Unfortunately, with so many diligent students filling up UofT’s hot new piece of glass, Robarts Common, finding a spot to study can seem impossible. That was however, until first-year student Maggie Reeves discovered a fourteen storey library directly attached to Robarts Common.

Reeves was taking a break from intense socializing at the Common when she stumbled upon this hidden gem of a study space. Said Reeves, “It took some time to peel away the cobwebs. But once I did, I found this neat old building that had a bunch of bookshelves and desks. Great for studying, now that I think about it.”

Anthropologists have determined that the library used to be a study space after finding evidence of class notes and long-forgotten laptop chargers. Experts say newcomers visiting from Robarts Common may be claustrophobic and disoriented by the space, as the walls are not made entirely of glass.

After the discovery of this secret study spot, some adventurous students are spending an afternoon reading in the library to appreciate the quaint brutalist aesthetic and experience how archaic UofT students may have studied six, possibly even seven months ago.



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