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  • Keah Sharma

Virus Snob Says Pandemic Hasn't Been Good Since First Wave

Everyone has a passion. While Vic students might quibble over their favourite Phoebe Bridgers album and Trin students argue about their favourite member of the royal family, some have their own little niches. Enter Trel Hoffman, a third-year Innis student and self-described “pandemic junkie.”

Hoffman, a semi-retired amateur film critic, was used to sharing his opinions in theatres, surrounded by dozens of people who wanted him gone at all costs. But with the pandemic keeping him from doing his impromptu foreign film trivia and unprovoked shot-by-shot camerawork dissection, Hoffman took to Letterboxd to thoroughly review what he describes as “the latest daring piece of art.”

In the first part of a day-long interview with The Boundary, Hoffman argued:

“The first COVID wave was an instant classic but the second completely missed the tone of the original. The plot was all over the place and, honestly, it just felt like some watered-down rehash. Another lockdown? Seriously???”

Hoffman went on to explain that he prefers a more abstract, cerebral brand of virus as opposed to “this Michael Bay blockbuster they call a pandemic.”

Towards the end of the 16-hour interview, Hoffman told The Boundary he will be watching the next COVID wave closely, ready to indulge in scrupulous analysis. Hoffman encourages people not to “watch the pandemic in a vacuum,” and to pick apart everything about the new iteration until no one has it in them to respond anymore.

Photo Credit: Ruven Samaraweera



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