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Woman Patiently Waits for Poli-Sci Student to Explain Home Country's Politics to Her

"Listen, the thing about Soleimani is that he was... terroristical—full stop. Maybe you don't quite understand that point, so I'll say it again..."

This was a mere snippet of the one-sided conversation Sara Javadi had to endure for nearly 20 minutes on Wednesday afternoon, as second-year Political Science Minor Timothy Fleury attempted to educate her on the nuances of Iranian politics.

"And al-Muhands was implicated because, like, he was a problematic... guy, too," Fleury told Javadi.

"Iran is really messed up," he continued, "and I think regime change is necessary. And I know how to get the Ayatollah, or whatever, out of power quite easily: a coup."



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