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  • Boundary Staff

Fellow Tutorial Member Just Builds Off That Last Point

Toronto, ON: In a shocking flip of the script, Jessica Maclean, "just built off that last point," in a raucous TRN250 tutorial on Thursday, January 25th. In the early hours of the afternoon, Maclean prefaced her participation point with a head-jerking, unanticipated prelude.

Issuing a jarring continuation of second-year Jason DeMarco's comment -- whereby DeMarco praised Adam Smith's anti-colonial sentiments in The Wealth of Nations -- Maclean proceeded to just build off that last point, adding that Smith did, however, lobby for the creation of a, "kinda ethically dubious, multi-layered imperial federation, that would just, kinda, perpetuate the civilzational hierarchy that colonialism swept in."

Dismayed tutorial leader Peter Johnson was unavailable for comment, but was visibly shaken as he entered lecture later that afternoon, sporting a blank expression, wide-eyes, and furrowed brows.

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