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  • Boundary Staff

As T.A. Strike Looms, Ryerson Undergraduates Anticipate Shortened Naptime, Indoor Recess

Toronto, ON: As the near-inevitable CUPE 3902 strike approaches, Ryerson University students are fearing the worst. Alternating attention between a Minute Maid juice-box and a creatively-dissected Cheese String, Ryerson first-year Michael Tambolini took time to talk to The Boundary about the upcoming strike outside the Eaton Center. "I'm super angry," began Tambolini, stomping his feet as he spoke. They say we won't get naptime or outdoor recess? And no mini-sticks after lunch? It's so dumb."

Fourth-year Thomas MacFarlane, in contrast, is hoping for a strike. "I've had it up to here," motioned MacFarlane, applying two pale, chubby fingers to the side of his rounded, innocent visage. "I'm completely ready for a stri-." Seemingly losing interest and concentration, MacFarlane abruptly left the interview, pulling a Tamagotchi from his pocket and disappearing into the busy Eaton Center food court.

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