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  • Boundary Staff

In Huge Win for Residence Algorithm, Long-Lost Brothers Reunited in Double Room

After a decade of constant yet fruitless searching, two long-lost siblings were reunited in the most unlikely of settings: an empty double room in Upper Burwash.

Last spring, Dave Macdonald and Jordan Wang, adoptees living in Nova Scotia and Singapore respectively, both accepted the offer to study at Victoria University. They filled out their forms, sent transcripts, and twiddled their thumbs. An almost obsessive mania gripped them both—trying desperately to find the other through Facebook, internet searches, and worldwide cold-calling.

Little did the separated brothers know that a lone, mastermind algorithm was laboring to connect them. Since a freelance coder sold the algorithm in 2004, the program has been the architect of numerous headaches. But it redeemed itself in a single, altruistic act—one that still mesmerizes the brothers today.

David, as the tears streamed down his cheek, said, “I’m just thanking Christ he’s at Vic, you know? If I found him, and discovered my long-lost brother was a Trin Man, I’d probably just say, ‘You know what? Fuck it, it’s not meant to be.’ But everything worked out.”

At press time, the brothers were “still pretty psyched,” but one brother—who wished to remain anonymous—wasn’t “too crazy about Jordan’s bullshit laundry habits, man. Like, just figure it out.”

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