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  • Kyle Brickman

Men’s Rights Club Baffled by Co-Ed BBQ Failure

Members of a self-proclaimed “prestigious” organization are in shambles today as their latest and most promising event of the year failed devastatingly. The University of Toronto Men’s Rights Club organized a co-ed barbecue weeks prior, inviting over 2000 students and faculty on a Facebook event page, only seven of whom RSVP’d “Going”. Unfortunately, the actual turnout was far more meager, with less than half of the club’s members, and three potentially homeless outsiders, attending the event.

One member, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims he and his colleagues were “baffled” by the lack of attendance. In anticipation of a large reception, the club’s de facto head chef had prepared nearly 2000 hamburgers. When asked why so much food was prepared despite the lack of enthusiasm on Facebook, our anonymous source quickly snapped, “we had a lot of ‘Maybe’s.”

Tim Wilson, the club’s co-chair, claimed the low turnout was yet another shining example of anti-male discrimination. In his press release, Wilson urged supporters to come to his aid, evoking the memory of the late Martin Luther King Jr., stating, “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed”.

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