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  • Will Stoecker

Bad Boy Alert: Student Uses St. George Crosswalk on His Own Terms

CAMPUS ALERT: At approximately 12:15pm local time on September 23rd, a rogue male student thrusted through a red-lighted St. George Street crosswalk.

Reports suggest the unidentified man “had momentum going in,” and simply “owned it—all the way to the curb.” He was by himself for roughly three-and-a-half seconds, just enough time for the panopticon of onlookers to get a glimpse.

The societal outlaw continued on from No Man’s Land towards Front Campus, where he vanished out of sight.

Wide-eyed and weak-kneed bystanders expressed minor signs of disbelief and worry, with area woman Bridget Tuneschi describing the event as “something out of Braveheart. His courage and disregard for danger were […] unbelievable. He led us through that intersection…” eventually trailing off.

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