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  • Kayla Gaw

TTC Adds Express Line from Exam Centre to Ryerson Campus

The Toronto Transit Commission has added a seasonal bus route to relieve the “unprecedented, one-way tsunami of traffic” between the University of Toronto’s Exam Centre and Ryerson University.

The bus will depart from the University of Toronto Exam Centre, bringing up to 40 distraught students directly to the Ryerson Student Learning Centre.

The move was reportedly influenced by a record number of University of Toronto dropouts transferring to Ryerson following midterm exams. The TTC tweeted out that it "can only imagine what finals will bring."

The Boundary caught up Eric Alvarez, a first-year student at Innis College, while he waited for the bus.

“Yeah, I came to UofT with hopes of law school,” said Alvarez with a tear dripping down his face. "But I suppose graduating from Ryerson majoring in ‘new media’ will, like, open some doors.... for me. I hope, anyways. Oh, I think this is it coming now.”

More to come.

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