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  • Boundary Staff

5 Quirky Halloween Costume Ideas

The big night is right around the corner!

1. Hippie

Ahh the 60’s… a tumultuous period in American history, or so I’ve been told. Nobody at your party will be able to nitpick your costume because they don’t know Jack shit about the era that defined a generation–– those fools.

2. Safari Guide/Explorer

An oldie, but a goodie. Added bonus of being able to test out your accent* to all of your unsuspecting friends (ONLY APPLIES TO SOUTH AFRICAN OR AUSTRALIAN ACCENTS. PLEASE DO NOT TEST OUT YOUR UGANDAN IMPRESSION AT THE WORK FUNCTION)

3. Montreal Art Hoe

Everyone has come across this girl at some point. You know, the one from your high school who just packed up and left for Montreal as soon as she woke up from the prom after–party? You’re pretty sure she’s in school but you don’t know what for–– Industrial Design maybe? Something vaguely chic for sure, as her instagram stories always manage to simultaneously confuse and arouse you to no end. That’s the spirit you should be trying to invoke with this costume.

4. Kitty Cat

Can’t go wrong with this classic, but don’t be afraid to really slut it up. A form–fitting leotard can go a long way for one’s reputation, if you know what I mean…

5. Justin Trudeau

What more can be said about this man. He is our nation’s fearless leader, a man of pure heart, and a lover of creative costumes. Pay homage to Justin in a way which would make him proud

PS: Don’t forget those fingernails!

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