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  • Joseph Strauss

Adjusting Student “Turns Camera Off” During In-Person Lecture

With two online summer courses in the books, third-year student Simon Harding has grown accustomed to the ebbs and flows of virtual education. As a result, Harding found himself unable to sit through his first and only two-hour in-person lecture without the occasional breather. 

“BB Collaborate just feels like the new normal,” said Harding when asked to comment. Simon’s in-person professor, Milton Prattington, was caught off guard by his student’s behaviour. Reportedly, Harding drew a microwave from his backpack, proceeding to reheat a tupperware full of KD in the middle of his five-person class.

“I could hardly get through my lecture. In the corner of my eye was this student, earbuds on and bobbing his head, stirring neon orange mac and cheese to the rhythm of his music, as though nothing I said was important,” said Prattington, clearly distraught. 

When Professor Prattington asked Simon to stop playing music, Harding resorted to the chat function by writing on a slip of paper, “Sorry, mic isn’t working right now,” and tossing it at the professor. Unsettled by having been directly addressed by his professor, Harding “turned his camera off” via hoodie facial obstruction, then farted loudly and smelled his hand. 

Despite the numerous interruptions, Professor Prattington still prefers teaching in-person to teaching online, as the 78-year old man does not own a computer.

Photo Credit: Joseph Strauss



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