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  • Patrick Fraser

Friends With Benefits Mark Valentine's Day With Awkward Public Encounter

TORONTO - For many couples at UofT, this year’s Valentine’s Day serves as an opportunity to celebrate their relationship following a long and taxing lockdown. With restaurants and bars open, dining out and getting coffee are once again date options.

But not everyone has been looking forward to February 14th. For Michael O’Connor, the day is a source of dread. O’Connor, a third-year Anthropology specialist, has been in a no-labels relationship with fellow Anthropology student Belle MacColl since first semester. The two had avoided discussing Valentine’ Day and hoped it would pass by without incident.

O’Connor went to Goldstruck after class to get his usual half-sweet, non-fat, no-whip latte (the baristas knew his order). As he shuffled down the line to pick up his order, he recognized her. Standing next to him, waiting to pick up her cold brew coffee was Belle MacColl. The two nervously glanced at each other, hoping that the barista would call out one of their names and put this hellish encounter out of its misery. The tension was palpable––no one else was in the cafe.

“Oh God, what do I say?’ thought O’Connor. The two simply do not hang out in public, nor do they even acknowledge each other outside of a three-hour time slot on Friday evenings. Before he could say anything, though, she grabbed her coffee and darted out of the cafe. Despite the traumatizing encounter, sources confirm that they are still on tap to meet up this weekend.

Photo Credit: Keah Sharma, Patrick Fraser, & Natalie Cader-Beutel



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