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  • Shiven Sai Gandhi

Inflation Forces Frats to Charge Women Cover

The recent surges in prices of everyday items have many people waving goodbye to the privileges they had enjoyed just a few months ago. However, no one has seen a steeper decline in their privilege than the female population of University of Toronto students who are now being asked to pay cover to enter a frat party.

“I'm pretty sure this is a violation of our basic rights” was the response of one female student who was now having to pay $5 to dance on a creaky wooden table. "But I mean, it's not like the general student population has much to offer in terms of partying, drinking, or having fun."

Nevertheless, the fraternities do have their reasons to make this change, blaming it on the rampant inflation affecting the prices of condoms and backwards baseball hats. When asked about how this may disturb the all important ‘ratio’ of their parties, Ligma Bi fraternity's accountant, Bradley Chadwick, had this to say, “well the ratio doesn’t pay for these solo cups, eh bud?”

Yes, eh bud indeed.



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