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  • Jess LeBlanc

Innis Student Logs Recorded Lecture on Letterboxd

Letterboxd: the app beloved by cinephiles everywhere. Perfect for tracking the films you’ve watched, remembering the ones you’re hoping to see, and finding out your friend is sleeping with your ex after they log the same film. 

But Letterboxd does not have to be just for tracking movies. First-year Innis College student Maxwell Harper, a self-described Letterboxd enthusiast, has started to log prerecorded lectures on the app. “Anything over 30 minutes long goes on there,” Harper told us. “I take logging my media consumption very seriously. What is the point of even watching something if I can’t let all of my classmates and hookups know that I did it? How else will my end-of-year stats be accurate?”

Earning a confused look from our Boundary correspondent, Harper doubled down. “Everyone at Innis does it! Letterboxd is our main form of social media here. Let me show you my stats from last year, I’m sure there’ll be lots I can recommend. I’ve really been into 1920s German expressionism lately. Have you seen Metropolis? Probably not.” 

Despite numerous objections, Harper proceeded with an in-depth show-and-tell of his Letterboxd profile, launching into a 26-minute tirade of recommendations that our reporter had to fake a family emergency to escape. 



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