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  • Shiven Sai Gandhi

“Let Them Cook” Says Prof Before Culinary Exam

With midterm season reaching its reluctant close, the smell of stress and Adderall lingering in the UofT air is slowly subsiding. But for those lucky enough to have a rogue midterm here and there, motivation is hard to come by. While some professors don’t seem to concern themselves with the tears of their students, Jimothee Rogers, a professor of culinary arts at UofT, has made empathy his bitch.

Professor Rogers, passionate about his teaching career and hit show The Bear, is extremely committed to moulding the next generation of chefs. Nevertheless, his lectures and practicals do come with some imperfections. “We love him, but he can be slightly out of pocket,” said third- year culinary student Olivia Monk. “He’s weirdly obsessed with Gordon Ramsey and occasionally fakes a British accent when asking for the lamb sauce. The worst is when we make Italian food and he yells, ‘somebody touch-a-my spaghetti’ until someone offers a genuine-sounding laugh.”

Professor Rogers admits that he is a recovering meme addict, tracing his obsession back to the days of iFunny. In a sit-down interview with The Boundary, Rogers admitted to an iFunny relapse as of late, explaining his frequent overuse of youth vernacular months after their peak popularity. While proctoring his most recent culinary exam, Professor Rogers reportedly shouted “LET THEM COOK,” earning a deep and synchronized sigh exhaled from the students. “You shoulda seen him after The Bear came out, he was unhinged. He kept talking about his dead brother,” said another student.

A Boundary correspondent inquired whether he’d ever stop letting the internet dictate his personality. “I’m in my bag,” said Rogers as he reached into his tote bag, pulling out a fist full of melted Gouda cheese. Our best guess is a no.



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