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  • Rola Abdelbasset

Men’s Grades to Be Barred at 70% on International Women’s Day

In celebration of International Women’s Day, the University of Toronto has taken its

already-super-high commitment to Women’s Rights to new heights. The Canadian university has decided to cap the marks of all male students at 70%. The decision has been met with a number of responses.

“I just don’t think that’s fair,” said Ronny James, a 3rd year English major. “If we both can accomplish the same task equally well, why should I held back on the basis of gender?”

A sizeable number of male students share James’ feelings. Many are “terrified”, and

intensely reckon with this question: how much will the rest of their careers be impacted by these 24 hours of injustice?

Other students reported a different experience: “Honestly, it made me feel a way I never felt before towards women,” said Adam Taha, an Engineering student. Taha felt an emotion that most of his friends had to engage in psychedelics to unlock. “I have to check with my boys on the name of the feeling, but I think it was called empathy?”

On the other hand, professors have had to deal with a surge in emails from self-described

‘male allies’. Believing this will somehow make up for a lifetime of inequality, these allies ask that their grades be barred at 50% instead of 70%. Coincidentally, professors have noticed that these emails always ended by asking if they had any dinner plans to celebrate International Women's Day.



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