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  • Mauricio Gerdes

Queen's Student Unsure Which Culture to Appropriate for Halloween

October is nearly over, meaning it’s that special time of year again where everybody racks through their closets to try and throw together the perfect Halloween costume. Old favourites like slutty nurse, slutty nun, and slutty Ronald McDonald are sure to be popular choices as students go out and party this Halloweekend. However, for one Queen’s University student, choosing a costume has proven more difficult than usual.

Charlie Anderson, a fifth year at the prestigious Kingston university, is reportedly struggling to decide exactly which culture he’ll appropriate for this year’s costume. With this being his fifth Halloween at Queen’s, Anderson is in no shortage of culturally insensitive attire that he can don. The problem Anderson faces is choosing just one.

“There’s a lot of big parties I’ll be hitting up this weekend, and if I pick the wrong costume I could be called out for picking something too obvious.” Anderson says, trying to recall the last Halloween he wore an afro. “Or even worse, I could run into other students who had the same idea. I just don’t think I could handle that kind of backlash.”

Anderson remains optimistic, however, as this year’s global events have given him plenty of options that will definitely raise some eyebrows. “The war in Ukraine and the protests in Iran have really given me some good ideas for the perfect costume this year”, said Anderson excitedly with a sparkle in his eye.



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