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  • Jonah Wineberg

Student Finds Quiet Study Space at Varsity Football Game

With libraries overcrowded with students hectically lining up for Starbucks, many UofT students are finding it challenging to locate a place to study in peace. Despite the circumstances, second-year Urban Planning major, Zachary Bredville managed to break through the noise and find the new quietest study space: UofT Varsity football games.

Bredville was just looking for a washroom when he stumbled upon the serene tranquility of Varsity Stadium's vacant bleachers. As he edited his essay, Bredville could reportedly hear a pigeon’s feather dropping from across the field.

“My thoughts have never felt so clear before,” remarked Bredville. “That was undoubtedly the most focused study session I’ve ever had. The football game was ok too.”

Unbeknownst to Bredville, he was studying during the Varsity Blues' most highly attended game of the season, pushing double digits. Bredville will be sure to be back at Varsity Stadium when exam season rolls around so he can return to the blissful silence. He may need to come early, however, as monks have discovered the site as a prime meditation ground.



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