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  • Madeleine Beckett

"The Masked Singer" Ahead of Its Time

As the global pandemic persists, the live music industry has continued to sufferthe health of performers and audience members is at risk when gatherings can be so dense and with mandatory mask policies varying around the globe. But an innovation in the field might be the answer many have been searching for: “The Masked Singer”.

The singing television show has proven to be a surprise hit, with a slew of C-list celebrities hidden in both increasingly uncanny large headpieces, and in the judge’s table. Fortunately, the headpieces that resemble less terrifying versions of creatures from Where the Wild Things Are double as COVID-19 personal protective equipment.

Ken Jeong awkwardly gyrating to Wendy Williams has inspired a new era in music. Sarah Palin’s bear mask has just been approved as a safe face covering by the FDA. Now, thousands can watch the likes of Lady Gaga, Bruce Springsteen, Beyonce, and more perform under creative new Masked Singer personas like, “Lips With A Canker Sore”, “Sexy Cat That May Awaken Something”, and “Egg”.

Of course, many officials do have hesitations towards this new plan. They claim that during the irritable “Take it Off” portion of the show, audiences will also remove their masks out of confusion, possibly leading to a highly unexpected third wave. Despite this threat, many claim that seeing Harry Styles dressed as a Christmas tree is worth the risk.

With its raging success, it is likely that the show will remedy the issue of live performance. The solution, like it almost always is, may be T-Pain.

Photo Credit: Variety



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