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  • Sammy Edwards

Unproductive Robarts Session: Student Only Steals Two Laptops

With the last days of the Fall semester fast approaching, students only have a couple weeks left to put their nose to the grindstone and study for finals. Students across all disciplines are trying to maximize their study time and many who were once hardly working, are now forced to be working hard. However, with stress and distractions all around, some students find that not every work session can be their best. One student who was just having one of those days is Wayne Singleton, who left Robarts library last night with a disappointed demeanour. Singleton, a frequent Robarts visitor, felt he wasted hours being unproductive at the iconic library, having only stolen two laptops.

The fourth year Econ major was demoralized by how far his work-ethic has fallen. “I can’t believe I just let the day slip away like that” Singleton sighed, “With all that time I spent in the stacks I should have more to show for it than two measly Macbooks.”

Students who were also on the 10th floor, noticed that Singleton was clearly not focused on what he came to Robarts to do. “I was looking up from my laptop every few minutes to take a break and also make sure it wasn’t being stolen. But, I also noticed that every time [Singleton] was building up the nerve to take another person’s laptop. He would end up just getting distracted on YouTube for a while.”

Singleton assured himself and The Boundary that he would bounce back from yesterday’s lacklustre Robarts session. Stating that it was “a real wake-up call” and that “the hardest part of stealing laptops is starting.”



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