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  • Sergio Villiger

UofT Makes Students “Pinky Pwomise” Not To Use AI

The first weeks of the semester are always exciting for students; we sign up for classes, look through course syllabi, and determine the weight of our course load. This year, however, some questions have been raised regarding the use of AI on assignments and assessments.

Fourth year Rob Otto, a student in Professor Carolyn McNally’s CSC404 class, recounted his own experience. According to Otto, when McNally reached the Generative AI clause, she started acting strangely. “It’s as if she had immediately devolved into a toddler,” Otto claimed. “She asked us if we could ‘pwetty pwease’ not use ChatGPT for ‘anyfing’ in the course–not even on pwactices or test wuns! Between us though, I’m gwateful- I mean, I’m grateful for the simplicity.”

Allegedly, professor McNally then had a temper tantrum, even crawling around on all fours around the lecture room whilst screaming and yelling for her mommy. “It was almost like she entered an elementary state of cognition,” said a worried observer. Before each student left the class, McNally reportedly insisted on a “pinky pwomise” from each and every one of them.

When approached for an interview, McNally babbled nervously about the importance of “the comfort of the students,” while desperately searching the lecture hall for her emotional support “weighted blankie.”



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