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  • Clare Mooney

Yonge-Dundas Square Renamed Ryerson Square

After years of deliberation, the Toronto City Planning Division has finally announced its plans for the renaming of Yonge-Dundas Square. The new name, Ryerson Square, was unanimously approved by the institution’s board of governors and will be put into effect immediately. 

This name change is the first step in a plan to renew an area that has been so lovingly described as the “Times Square of Toronto.” The square’s naming after the 19th century Scottish Viscount Henry Dundas has been criticized by Torontonians for years. In a fit of atypical initiative, City Hall has resolved to rechristen the square. The name “Ryerson,” an ode to the totally uncontroversial Egerton Ryerson, has been selected.

We asked local students for opinions on the name change and received varied responses:

I feel like I’ve heard that name before. I think it kinda of sucks.”- Ryan, 4th Year UofT Student

“That’s actually a pretty dope name. I wish they would name more stuff after that guy. Like, maybe even a school or something.” - Casey, 3rd Year TMU Student

“Sorry I was late. My bus got canceled.” - Carys, 1st Year UofT Commuter Student

Despite mixed reviews, Mayor Olivia Chow has come forward with a strong defense of the name change. Preachers, hot dog cart operators, and rats, the square’s most common residents, have also expressed excitement for the new name of their home.



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