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Rotman Student Maximizes Networking Opportunities During Quarantine

As a result of enforced social distancing, many networking events and functions have been cancelled or postponed, leaving many Rotman yuppies in the lurch. 

However, a few prime go-getters, such first year Rotman student Bourke Cockran, have refused to let quarantine thwart their networking opportunities.


“Hi, friend, nice to meet you,” he said, extending a touch-starved hand out to his own reflection. “My, you have quite a firm handshake! Are you from Trin?” Cockran gushed, chuckling to himself. Pulling out a copy of his laminated CV from his Rotman Commerce branded “neoliberal-navy” backpack, he pointed out all of his volunteer service and his outstanding GPA, which was bolstered by zero Credit/No Credit courses. 

“It helps a lot, talking with the mirror, eight hours a day. At first, it felt a bit one-sided. But it forced me to hone in on my ability to carry dialogue with a more introverted conversation partner,” said Cockran, glancing coyly at the mirror. “Not that that’s an issue for us anymore, is it? Hah!” 

Cockran claims that he will be ready for when quarantine measures are lifted, adding that he will be “head and shoulders” above the other little Rotmans at the next networking event.

Photo Credit: Sammy Edwards


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