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  • Joseph Strauss

Student's Brain Reopening at 50% Capacity

As the Province of Ontario enters the first stage of a three-step reopening plan, residents can once again return to indoor venues including restaurants, movie theatres, and gyms. But the effects of the most recent lockdown still linger, and have left many students unable to properly focus on their studies.

Luckily, the January 31 reopening extends to the brains of UofT students such as third-year Jordan Raman. “I can’t wait to get thinking again,” says Jordan, whose brain has been in lockdown for the last two years.

While the reopening process is sure to be an adjustment period, Jordan is confident that he will soon regain his ability to read, write, and work productively for periods as long as 15 minutes.

Jordan admits that, while things are looking up, he must remain careful during his brain’s reopening. “There’s always the possibility of more lockdown,” he cautions, “so even though I can do more, it’s important that I keep the work to a minimum.”

Photo Credit: Jonathan Katz



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