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  • Boundary Staff

Termite Infestation Boosts Ryerson's Average Class Size to 38,000, Nearly Catching UofT

Toronto, ON: Millions more pests have flooded into Ryerson University, raising the average class size to an astounding 38,000 students. The University of Toronto’s mean class size narrowly nudges out Ryerson’s new average, currently hovering at around 41,000.

Reputable, high-quality publications such as Narcity and Ryerson’s student-run paper The Eyeopener jointly exposed the termite infestation a few days ago, and it has garnered considerable attention on Facebook, reddit and Twitter.

Ryerson’s administration welcomed the enrollment uptick, admitting at a press conference on Friday morning that “most of the termites were turned away when they tried to get in to the University of Toronto, McGill, Queen’s, et cetera – so we’re over the moon to be able to put them up somewhere.”

Story is developing.

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