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  • Emmett Zych

Accounting Exam Eerily Resembles Prof’s T4

As finals fast approach, the year’s to-do list has grown exponentially for UofT students and professors alike. Looking back at the past year’s mistakes, good samaritans who don’t evade taxes are scrambling to file before the April 30th deadline. In Professor Donald Erikson’s RSM222Y1 seminar, students suspect he may be attempting to kill two birds with one stone.

Sophie Allan, a student of Professor Erikson and a Dean’s List hopeful, commented, “Look, I’m always happy to take an exam pass/fail, especially online, but something felt off. The second I started the exam, I was redirected to the CRA’s web portal. I began panicking immediately.”

Responding to the criticism that’s been running rampant on his RateMyProfessor page, Professor Erikson stated: “I can guarantee everyone in my classroom will file taxes at some point in their life, so why not start now? Any likeness to real-world figures or circumstances is pure coincidence.”

“We had to report 2023 income and spending for an ‘Erikson, D.’ on the exam,” retorted Allan. “The ‘hypothetical figure’s spending on gas seemed average, but his cosmetics and high-end fashion expenses stood out right away. It’s gotta be his real info.”

To equip future wealth-holders with the skills they need, Erikson claimed he would “like to provide students with the challenge of dealing with extreme wealth.” Packing up his Armani briefcase, he added, “It’s not so easy being a minority, especially a minority in yearly earnings.”

Upon receiving her exam grade, Allan contacted The Boundary once more: “I ended up failing the exam, and the professor claimed it had nothing to do with him being audited last week. One thing’s for certain, if that was his actual yearly income, he deserves to be making WAY less.”

*If you feel a tenured professor is making too much for the quality of their services, DM The Boundary to file a report. 



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