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Op-Ed: Vic Mental Health Counselor Turns Out To Be Another Person Who Is Trying To Steal My Bone Marrow And Cannot Be Trusted

If anyone, and I mean ANYONE, is reading this right now, I need you to listen very closely. This university is not a safe space for me or for anyone else. This campus is running rampant with thieves and crazies, and I can no longer remain silent. Each and every interaction I have had with members of this institution in the past six months has been suspicious.

I tried to meet with the Victoria College Mental Health Counselor, but learned quickly that she is also involved with the conspiracy. Her first few questions and comments were harmless, but it quickly escalated to more personal requests. The second she asked me what was bothering me “deep down,” I knew what was going to happen. I made an immediate escape. Thankfully, the Victoria College “Open Door Policy” allowed me to easily exit. I then received a suspicious follow-up email, requesting that I return. Oldest trick in the book.

At this point, the only news source that I am willing to trust is The Boundary, so I thank them for the opportunity to spread the word about what I have noticed. I could not stand by and watch harmless students be tricked by Big Marrow.

It takes only a matter of minutes for these administrators to make you comfortable before they attempt to cause you harm, so everyone must remain vigilant. Even your don or the Burwash lunch lady may be involved. Do not trust anyone, even your friends. 

I have chosen to remain anonymous for my safety. I must go now. It is possible they have tapped my laptop.



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