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  • Boundary Staff

Promising Alumna Forced into Barista Gig

Toronto, ON: The ink wasn't even dry on her degree when she started scouring Toronto for a complementary, stable job. Fresh from her studies at Victoria College, up-and-coming writer Margaret Atwood has been pushed into "a decent barista gig" at Jimmy's Coffee on McCaul Street.

The Boundary met up with Atwood on her break.

"I was just starting to get some momentum," said a frazzled Atwood. "Maybe this isn't for me, you know? Maybe I should give up, go to Brock or something, snatch another degree, call it quits."

Atwood was a devoted student at the University of Toronto, garnering high marks and partaking in numerous extracurricular activities. But the path that awaits her looks like it'll be dotted not with Booker Prizes, fame and fortune but lattes, medium roasts and mopping.

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