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  • Clare Mooney

Broke Boyfriend Conveniently Anti-Capitalist on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day: you either love it or you hate it. Whatever side you’re on, today is the day, and it is bound to be marked by candy hearts, flowers, and bitter single people.

Most Valentine’s Day haters simply have no one to spend it with, but some taken folk will argue for the negatives of the holiday, a common complaint being its over-commercialization. Just about every store switches straight from selling elf and reindeer paraphernalia to cupids and hearts. For anti-capitalists, new and old, this can cause great upset.

Management major Josh Roberts, usually known for his love of the free market and the American Dream, has taken a stand against the commercialization of Valentine’s Day. His girlfriend of nine months, Bridget Samuels, was confused by his sudden change of heart but has chosen to support his activism.

Roberts commented, “Look, man, why can’t I just love my girl every day? Why is there one particular day that I have to buy a stuffed bear and be nice? I have more than enough money for a gift, obviously, and I like her and stuff. But, it’s the principle of the thing.”

Despite allegations of Roberts’ subpar gift-giving in the past, Bridget affirmed that she has received “nice” gifts and surprises from her boyfriend in the past. Some examples of these gifts were: candle, sweater, candy.

When asked what their plans are for the fourteenth, Roberts noted intentions to “chill at his.”



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